5. March 2019. Tuesday, 11:12

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The most innovative horse box on the world

David and John Carpenter, owners of Cats and Pipes and their own equestrian team in North Wales have approached Lehel with a "mad " vision. Lets build the most innovative truck on the world. After thorough thinking and risk assesment the decision was made to dive in. The result is on the pictures.

The largest and most complex slide out network ever put on a horse box, including hall way slide out and double pop up. Comprehensive automatic water system, which measures water usage for every horse. The horse area is warmed and cooled automaticaly. Not only a standard air con unit is fitted, but individual heat assesment is made, and temperature can be controled for each horse individualy.

The state of the art lighting system is not only providing pleasant feeling, but also comforts horse and man. Indipendent "equine entertainment". Inset grooms step. Extrsa spacious rug rack. Dividing curtain. Extra state of the art folding partitions make the horse area the best ever made.

The living provides similar luxury for the rider. Individual sky television on not less then 4 televisions, with sound system. Top kitchen appliances. New European look interior, with extra lighting system. And a lot more.

The grooms bed is a new experement. Two compartments that are elevated, with individual heating air con and entertainment system.

The bathroom is updated for the ultimate luxury.

Outside special removable tanck trunks, and ergonomical locker setups provide maximum space efficiency.

Final but not least. The water and the electric system.  No question this is the best on the world ever. The Cats and Pipes innovation team has developed something extreme. The victron based unit with the inventories of the development team just made an electric system that is just perfect. Long battery life, automated systems, large power units make this truck a mini power station, with full automation. This with the super insulated heated water system, provides an engineering masterpiece.

Lehel would like to express their gratitude to team CATS and PIPES to bring us on this mission. Now we can proudly say, that there is not a better thought truck on the world in 2019. After the prototype the team is getting ready to make the next big step forward. Details to follow.


For details contact David Carpenter on 00447894615134


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