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Lehel Dominiak steps up


It all started many years ago.

Lehel, traditionaly a coach builder company, making carriages and coaches has diverted from its roots, and became a modern "coachbuilder" specializing on horse powers rather then horses. However the love of carriage driving never faded.

At the beginning it was Wolfgang Schairer from Germany who supplied lehel team with carriages. But due to his unfortunate illnes we have turned directly to the factory, and partnered up with Zdislaw Dominiak from Piasky. At the beginning it was a simple buyer supplier relationship, which soon made a step up. With the involvement of Zdislaw and Maciej, new projects started and new ideas were born. This led to more and more innovations, special designs and succesful showings. Dominiak is probably the largest carriage factory on the world, producing thousands of vehicles from flat wagons to complicated coaches. But the sport line is something else.

The difference is similar to car industry. Millions of fords are sold daily, but the rally department needs the involvement of special people, who help to design test and promote. This is what Lehel is trying to do. Lehel with the professional advisors of Jozef Dobrovitz, Martin Holle, Bram Chardon and many more is constantly working on product development.

A few years ago Lehel team had an idea to try some other manufacturers, and one of the bigest name in the industry from Holland has declined the offer to work together. This has led to the current step. Lehel has decided to develop a full range of competition vehicles, that are without a doubt the best on the world. Now we have the solution from pony single to horse team. Our products are already prooven. Bram Chardon was the winner of the cones competition in Tryon 2018. The carriages have participated on major international events and world championships with great success.

Now the test period is over, and the carriages are ready to be sold to the publick

Pony Horse Single Marathon:

An extreme light weight vehicle with super balance and the 2019 fifth wheel geometry. Perfect for all sizes of ponies and horses. Also available with delaied steering.

The driver and groom position and the size of the horse is designed to suit small children and large adults as well as all size of horses, with easy change system, where wheel size, seat position, shaft position .etc can be easily adopted to the individual needs. Also available with pneumatic wheels for indoor competitions.

Pony pair, Horse pair, Pony team, Horse team

Lehel is the only brand that supplies the full range of vehicles based on the same design.

It is not a secret that the motivation came from Van Den Heuvel carriages. The look has inspired the designers of the Lehel range. This goes back to the unsuccesful attempt to purchase a vehicle from them, which resulted in a conversation where it was approved in writing to production manager Vilmos Jambor to go our own way designing our own carriages by Van Den Heuvel. At that point the decision was made to follow the beautiful shape, but change the technique and upgrade the vehicles and make them available for all disciplines. The carriage is NOT a COPY. The geometry, the technology, the engineering has nothing to do with the dutch carriage, even the body is changed significantly.  However the wave does follow the current trend of look.

The carriages are equiped with the latest technology. Fifth wheel position, turn delay, braking system, balance, ergonomy....all all developed with the best engineers and competitors. Only premium material is used throughout the vehicles.

Prices 12-16000 Euro.

Dressage Range

Without a doubt the best and most modern dressage carriages on the world. Prooven by world championship and major event clear rounds in several cathegories. The carriages are made with the latest technology, developed and tested with Bram Chardon. The dressage range is unique to Lehel, concerning weight, innovation, quality and price. Available in all styles and ranges. The system is protected and only available in this range.

Prices: 8000-14000 Euro

Training range

Training is as important then the competition. Lehel offers a very wide variety of professional training carriages. Combination carriages, where pneumatic and solid wheels can be easily changed, also different wheels offer different uses between pony and horse. The adapters allow a carriage to serve single pair and four in hand. The compact light weight vehicles are designed to take to shows. Available in painted and galvanised. Also dressage carriages in training style available in order to have a matching feeling to the real presentation vehicle in training.

Prices 2500-5500 Euro


Lehel is ready to listen to the users, and works constantly on further developments. Details of the vehicles can be seen on the following link

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