30. March 2019. Saturday, 11:05

Lehel Driving Team 2019


Here we are. 2019 is ready to start.

This year our team will be very busy.

Competing in not less then six international cathegories. Preparing for one European and two World Championships.

New members join the team, new challenges arise.

This season our team is the following.

Udvari Marton and Udvari Zoltan















Marci is 13 years old with down sindrome. Father well known navigator for Jozsef Bozsik on several world championships. Marci will be competing in the Pony single children class on national level, aiming to prepare for the international para driving events in the future. He will be driving a shetland pony Dada and a welsh pony Zorro. Trainer Pille Riin Roosileht and Zoltan Udvari.

Szemeti Lillián Zille



Lili is 11 years old and has been competing since 2018 in the children pony single class with age permition. Lili is a very dedicated member of the team, riding and driving as well. Very good student and also plays hand ball. Lili will spend the year to gain experience on national level. She is aiming to qualify for next years European Championship for Children in France. She is driving Hungarian bred welsh gelding Bendeguz. The navigator is her mother Monika. Trainer Jámbor Vilmos

Jámbor Blanka

Blanka is 12 years old. She has been competing since she is 9 and is active member of the team since she can walk. Blanka will start her international carreer and will compete on several national and international events with Highway Light Feet hackney gelding and Hollo a welsh gelding. Blanka is also performing well in school riding, swimming and piano playing is also on the weekly agenda. Blanka's groom and trainer is Pille Riin Roosileht.

Szajkó Lilliána

Lili is first year student at the veterinary university in Budapest. European Team silver medalist from 2018 in the Young Driver Class. She is preparing with Dula, Polish bred pony, Bentley Welsh Section D and Bing Dutch sport pony for her second world championship in the senior cathegory. Her navigator is father Szajko Ferenc, trainer Udvari Zoltan, team manager Jambor Iren mother.

Pille Riin Roosileht

Member of the Hungarian Driving Academy from Estonia. Pille Riin lives and works in Hungary for the last 8 years, with fluent Hungarian language. She is the motor behind the team, not just as a competitor, but also trainer , navigator and stable manager. Pille Riin has been preparing for the last three years to debut during this year world championship as the first ever estonian pony pair driver. She is driving Rony, Topper and Vezer welsh section Cs. She is  trained by Martin Holle , Claudio Fumagalli and Zsofia Jakus, under the supervision of the academy. She has previously competed on several world championships in Pony and Horse single classes. During the season she will also continue driving her single horses and will finish the season in the Single horse class as a step towards Pau 2020. Her navigators are Boros Tibor and Saru Zsolt.

Jámbor Vilmos

The team veteran. Vilmos will start his season in Sandringham after a long medical recovery. This season will have two sticks in the fire as will compete in both the pony pair and pony team classes, offering the team chef an option to choose. He however has an opinion to leave the door open for the young drivers, and only wishes to participate on the world championship if it  realy adds to the team results. Vilmos is member of the FEI driving committee, international course designer, technical delegate and managing director of Lehel Group, keeping him busy for the days, puting his own competition carreer on the back burner. However still a lover of driving horses and not just talking about it. His ponies: Hollo, Black, Zorro, Bendeguz welsh section Bs, Milton, Ninja, Topper, Legend, Knocky, Santos, Ludi, are all hackneys. Trainer Dobrovitz Jozsaef jun, and Bram Chardon, navigators, Máté Tamás, Pille Riin Roosileht, Feket Roland,

Dobrovitz József jun.

The page is too short to describe. As a cooperation between the Hungarian Driving Academy and team Lehel Joci will drive for our team aiming to be member of the Hungarian horse pair team and preferably finish Drebkau with two medals, at least one is a gold. Joci is World Champion winner of several world and European Championship medals in Pony single, Pony team, Horse pair and Horse team. Frequent participant of the indoor world cup series. Joci is also the team trainer for Vilmos Jambor. Joci's pair will include the horse celebrity Vulcano.

Bram Chardon

Nothing needs to be said. Multiple world champion, world cup winner, world equestrian games cones winner, international driving superstar. Bram is preparing to participate and win the European Chmpionship in Donaueschingen and to defend his title on in the indoor world cup in the four in hand class. It is safe to say that he is not a raising star any more, but he is a due follower of his fathers foot step on the top of international carriage driving.

Boros Tibor

A new kid on the block. Tibi has joint the team in 2018 as a stable boy. Now he is a key member of the driving team, and will be the groom and the navigator for Pille Riin during the 2019 season. Tibor is coming from an equestrian family and competed himself in the national cat C horse pair class.

Máté Tamás

Joined the team in 2019. He is also from an equestrian background , previously worked at the famous Matyus Centre in Eger. Experienced groom and horse man. He is in charge of the horses of Vilmos Jambor and will be the backstepper for the coming season. Tamás also competed himself in the horse pair class.

Fekete Roland

Roland has joined the team in 2018 and was already a navgiator on several events. Roland is a professional csikos in Bugac, and only joins the team on competitions. He is a very experienced equestrian and will be navigating with Mate Tamás on Vilmos Jámbor's team.

Pawel Konarsky

Pawel is member of the team since 2018. He is in charge of logistics and organization, as well as providing the services as a course designer during our daily trainings. Pawel is a Polish international course designer, but currently emploied at Lehel Coachbuilder in Hungary. During the season Pawel will also be seen on the back of some carriages if needed. Pawel will be joined by daughters Martha and Krisa during the summer season to boost the team.

This years largest challenge is the

World Driving Championship for Combined Ponies in September.

This event is organised by Team Lehel, VZSB and the National Driving Academy, putting extra pressure on the team members.

Jámbor Noémi

She is the head of the organizing commitee and the person in charge of operation and finances. Also has a history in driving sport as a single driver and navigator in the 90s. She is mother of Udvari Marton, and managing director of Lehel Coachbuilder ltd as well as the Jambor Vilmos sen carriage driving club.

Mrs Jambor Vilmos sen

Irén is together with Pille Riin is in charge of the Jambor Vilmos sen Carriage Driving Centre and the Rembrandt Pansio, the heart of the championship. She is also the manufacturer of rosettes handed out on major events like Kronenberg, Beekbergen, Valkenswaard, and many many world championships, in cluding Drebkau this year.

And last but definitely not least.


Cindy, Liselotte and Krisztina.

The motors behind the championship. Under the conduct of Cindy timmer team Hoefnet is not just a show office, but also the
supporter of Team Lehel and the projects of Team Lehel. All the beautiful pictures, the nice articles, the compliments of our work, the complete organization of the Kisber Aszar 2018-2019 project and more to follow could not happen without this amazing team.

Lehel Coachbuilder wishes all the best for our team and team members for the 2019 season.


We would like to thank our supporters:

Ideal Equestrian, Jan Hoopman

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