Lehel is dedicated supporter of different equestrian disciplines. Since 1984 the Lehel team has been involved in the sport of Carriage Driving. Since then members of the Lehel Carriage Driving team have achieved great result in this traditionaly Hungarian sport.

Members of the team are from Hungary, Estonia, United Kingdom. Currently Lehel is supporting the Hungarian and Estonian carriage driving team, and is in close coperation with many more drivers from different countries of the word. In the history of Lehel, competitors from Chile, Argentina, USA, South Africa, Belgium, United Kingdom, Estonia and Hungary have been supported and carried the logo of the well known crown.

Lehel is not just a team, but its also a project. Breeding, training, trading and event organisation are all part of the Lehel sport project. The highest level of international carriage driving events are organized annualy, with participants from more then 20 countries.

Lehel is dedicated in the support of upcoming talents, and is a constant sponsor of the Hungarian Junior Carriage Driving team, where a Lehel jung driver team is also entered.

From 2014 Lehel is enetering the world of dressage, where the Lehel team will compete for the first time with great hopes.

The Lehel equestrian project is running at the Jambor Vilmos Sen. Carriage Driving center in Kisber-Aszar, where world class training and competition facilities are available for the sport of carriage driving.

Lehel is also involved in the world of many many horses. It is partner with Zengo Motorsport WTCC team. Zengo Motorsport is the most succesful Hungarian Motor racing team ever. Winner of the Seat Leon Eurocup, the WTCC Private World Title, are just a few of the amazing result list. Zengo Zoltan, the boss of Zengo Motorsport has also participated on international carriage driving events himself as navigator. More about the Zengo Motorsport...

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